Just installed SLES 11 x64 on top of my Windows 2008 R2 hyper-v test box. Best installation of SLES yet – clean, fast – no major problems.

Microsoft Web Platform

Take a look at this: Single click install and deployment for IIS and the associated components. I’m going to kick the tyres a little – but both Gallery and WordPress seem to be supported – and it looks like using MS SQL server too. Maybe time to retire the SUSE Linux Enterprise […]

Hugin 0.8 beta

I’ve been using hugin for a long while – since Nat tipped me off. Good to see progress since the release of 0.7 last autumn; some of the Google Summer of Code projects are starting to get aggregated. Hugin 0.8 beta is available; there’s a pretty decent Windows version at Allard Katans site.

One year on

A year ago I wrote a blog post – “So long – and thanks for all the fish” – it announced that I was leaving Novell. It’s been a strange year with much change. Not only have I changed jobs; but also moved from Utah to Washington and sold and bought a house. I’m still […]

Kano model – an example

During ITIL v2 Managers Certificate training and during my ITIL v3 Expert bridge there was a lot of discussion of using Kano models to evaluate real vs. perceived needs. I mentioned airline surveys usually included such examples to really only factor in results from ‘those that read the questions’ – too many times you see […]