Another blogging restart

I’ve said it before – but hopefully there’s more to blog about again. Less confidential stuff; lots more around Private Cloud and datacenter transformation.

.. the more things stay the same

Back to self hosting. The blog has moved from home, to hosting at GoDaddy and up to Azure. All had advantages – all had downsides. It’s the private cloud/public cloud conversation in a nutshell. Ultimately GoDaddy performance let it down – especially for the database – was unacceptable. Their support was also pretty poor. As […]

The more things change..

I just noted that Fedora 17 has just been released. That took me right back to when Red Hat Linux spewed out RHEL and Fedora Core about nine years ago. I clearly remember the debates within the Ximian team about which distros to support in Red Carpet Enterprise 2.x and moving forward into the ZENworks […]