Remote management in Windows Server 2012/2012R2

I remember a few years ago talking to the marvelous Jeffery Snover about PowerShell – and my mind was blown. The possibilities of scripting, remotability, the modular design – were all magical and innovative.   This week I’ve been updating servers on my Hyper-V infrastructure – most of them are server core – reducing the […]

Linux upgrades

I took advantage of the enforced, unplanned outage to update SLES 11 from SP2 to SP3.   All good – the only tiny gotcha was running the MySQL upgrade manually at the end.   Otherwise – looks happy so far.

udev, SLES and Hyper-V

I got bitten by the udev GUIDs when I did the move/upgrade/move back of my on-prem blog server this morning.   What should have been a simple evacuation of some VMs, upgrade the host to Windows Server 2012 R2, move the old VMs back in place – turned into another episode of handcrafting grub entries […]