Hardware load-in

Early start this morning – head into Seattle to meet a truck and driver delivering a Perceptive Pixel 55” interactive touch screen for an event this evening. The screen and PC are not too big – but they are fragile and expensive – so the shipping case is enormous! Over 1200 pounds (500kg) of wood, […]

PHP settings

Every time I move blog server I need to tweak PHP settings. For my own sanity – here are the main ones:   memory_limit = 512MB max_execution_time = 300 post_max_size = 32M upload_max_filesize = 512M

Back to 5K

Starting back up the training for a 5K later in the Spring. Foggy and cold this last few days. Slow – but every day is an improvement.

Novell layoffs

Sad to see Novell do another, seemingly fatal, round of layoffs. The few good people left seem to be gone; those that are left pretty much bare bones product maintenance. Looks like the entire legacy Attachmate product line and the legacy Novell product lines have been merged under a single management structure. From what I […]

To the cloud!

The never ending saga of running infrastructure has gone full circle. All of my self-hosted blogs and websites have moved from a Hyper-V server in my garage and up to Microsoft Windows Azure. I spent a decade (2001-2011) self-hosting. Running both email and website on platforms as diverse as NetWare through RedHat, SUSE and finally […]