Testing new Azure Dv2 Virtual Machines

I just upgraded a SLES 11 SP4 VM running in Azure from an A2 to a D2v2 – it’s resized and settling. Now sitting on newer hardware with 7GB RAM and dual proc. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/pricing/details/virtual-machines/#Linux Resize and restart was super fast.

Excel and fiscal dates

I keep having to remember the fiscal year formulae for Excel – fiscal year starts July 1, ends June 30. Here’s my note so I can remember: Fiscal year:  =IF(MONTH([cell])>6,YEAR([cell])+1,YEAR([cell])) Fiscal month: ==IF(MONTH([cell])>6,MONTH([cell])-6,MONTH([cell])+6)

Adobe Acrobat Pro 9.0.0 updates

Old but still functional – here’s my placeholder for updating from Acrobat Pro 9.0.0 to 9.5.5. http://www.serveradventures.com/the-adventures/installing-adobe-acrobat-9-v955-pro-fully-updated-deploying-with-gpo-or-mdt-2012

Open Live Writer

I was really happy to see Live Writer transition from a Microsoft product to the Open Source World. Live Writer is my go-to blog composing app. Still works beautifully after all these years. You can download Open Live Writer at http://openlivewriter.org/

SLES 11 SP4 – mysql, php and sockets

Something changed in SLES 11 SP4 (or one of the very recent updates). The default mysql.sock moved to /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock rather than the previous location in /var/lib For some reason this meant that the defaults for PHP5 were looking for the wrong location for the socket. A quick cleanup of /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini to include mysql.default_socket = /var/run/mysql/mysql.sock […]

Updating to SLES 11 SP4

SLES 11 SP4 has been out for a few months now. Finally found the maintenance window to do the updates. Great post here on how to do the magic with zypper.

Photos and Menalto/Gallery Project

I have been a long time user of Gallery Project. I migrated from jAlbum in mid 2003 and migrated through G1 up to G2 with integration into WordPress. Six years ago I made a note to really investigate the changes from Gallery 2 to Gallery 3 – I did the homework; but the change didn’t […]

SLES on Azure

This is a reminder for myself mainly. The update servers for SLES 11 SP3 on Azure changed – and there is a pretty well managed process to change the update repos. https://www.suse.com/communities/conversations/suse-update-infrastructure-changes-microsoft-azure/

Whiteboards lead to architecture lead to whitepapers

Over the past 15 years I’ve become very aware that different people take in information in very different ways. I am a visual learner as an example – so seeing diagrams, manipulating shapes on a touch screen, linking conceptual boxes together – that’s my thing. Others prefer to read and digest, others like to listen, […]

Elasticity in the cloud

It’s nice to be able to turn the dial to 11 when you need something doing quickly. Just rebuilt the thumbnails on the photo albums – it’s a CPU intensive job. Turn Azure up to 11 – more RAM, more procs – and it’s done in no time.