ZENworks Linux Management – name resolution

ZLM name resolution
From zenwiki

RCE will use DNS for all name resolution between client and server.

There is a rule for server to client name resolution:

– if the hostname is ‘localhost.localdomain’ then never use DNS for
name resolution; instead use the last known IP address for the device

– if the hostname is not ‘localhost.localdomain’ then RCE assumes that
(Dynamic) DNS is being used and DNS is used for client resolution

If the deployment scenario:

does not include Dynamic DNS


managed clients have Dynamic IP addressing (via DHCP)


managed clients have been given hostnames

then the default RCE installation will have problems reliably
connecting from the RCE server to devices.

Symptoms of this include:

– managed machines never showing software inventory or target
information in RCE
– managed machines never receiving transaction or job data

The solution:
add the flag


to /etc/ximian/rcserver/rcserver.conf

ZLM troubleshooting
From zenwiki

– Some of the hardware information does not show up under VMware. Known

– if the software information and target do not get populated then check
the following:

– is the daemon running; telnet to 505 on the client from the server.

– is rcd-modules installed on the client

– how is the ZLM server resolving the client IP address? By default if
the machine name is not ‘linux’ or ‘localhost.localdomain’ then the ZLM
server will use DNS to find the client; if it can’t resolve (client not
in DNS) then you’ll not get things working.

– change ZLM name resolution mechanism.

ZENworks Linux Management – rceinit script

From zenwiki

rce-init switches

rce-init is in /usr/sbin

Usage: /usr/sbin/rce-init [-c] [-d] [-f [-r]] [-h] [-U -P -R ]

-c only reinstall configuration files
-d print debugging info
-f force server initialization
-r remove package repository
-h print this message
-U administrator username/email
-P administrator password
-R administrator real name

Always use -d to show status!

Initial configuration:

./rce-init -U admin -P password -R “realname” -d ./rce-init -U ezs -P novell -R “Evil ZEN Scientist” -d

Resetting the server

./rce-init -f -d

rce-init checks the existance of /etc/ximian/rcserver/6.6-configured; if you have problems running rce-init -f delete this file

responses need ‘yes’ rather than ‘y’