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Off to Edinburgh

A day in Edinburgh – fly up, see customers, see a potential partner, fly back.

Another early start – but it’s good to not be away another night.

Yonghegong Lama Temple

I visited the Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing yesterday with Laurence.

It is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastries in the world; there is considerable controversy about the political freedom of the Tibetan Buddhists – certainly the monks in the monastry were all goverment approved.

That aside – it was a very tranquil and relaxing end to the day. The road to the monastry was lined with shops selling insense sticks; the smell of sandalwood was incredible.

Two more large panoramas – they are large files so download may be slow. The originals are massive.

Live from CeBIT

I am in Hannover for a couple of days; announcing a new product at CeBIT – the worlds largest IT and technology show.

It is my first time here – and the scale is unimaginable. I was warned by colleagues about the traffic, the remote hotels and the expense – but until this morning I was unprepared.

The Novell stand is huge; with product demos; a cinema and a cafe to talk to partners and customers.

Novell Cafe @ CeBIT

Two press meetings down; a press conference and a partner briefing to go.

Written at: Cebit. Hannover, Germany

Mmm – delicious

All of the food so far in Beijing has been excellent.

Last night I headed out with Laurence and we ran into the Dong Hua Men Night Market – which is renowned in Beijing.

Dong Hua Men Night Market

There is a wide range of regional delicacies on sale – including lamb kebabs, pork and beef skewers and fruit.

Then there are the real specialties. In the interests of fairness – think how interesting pork scratchings and haggis are..

Starfish on a stick:

Starfish on a stick

And roasted and fried scorpions, silkworm grubs and crickets:


Silkworm grubs. Crunchy on the outside, silky and velvety on the inside. That’s what my online gourmet reviewer said.

Silkworm grubs

Scorpions. Crunchy with a bite. I made that one up.


Finally crickets. Fried and ready to go.