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COVID week 34 of lockdown – Nov 2 – Nov 8

Weekend – US setting the pace for a million new cases per week. Shocking, sad, not unexpected. Washington State – big spike in numbers. The White House continues to spread coronavirus. Melbourne relaxes the lockdown (which seems to have worked).

From The Seattle Times – the regular weekly status. That spike is going to be brutal. Hospital capacity is still good – but the spike in testing is the early indicator.

Friday – while most of the news continues to focus on election counts, the infections keep coming. US setting records for daily new cases. I would not be surprised to see some huge spikes in 5-14 days from long lines waiting to vote.

Thursday – the steadily increasing number of global cases, followed by the lagging hospitalisation, followed by the deaths. Europe, USA, Brazil.

Wednesday – post election. Record breaking local Washington State coronavirus cases. England lockdown starts tomorrow, panic buying and last minute socialising.

Tuesday – election day in the US. COVID related news intertwined with election news. Mask wearing while voting is now a partisan issue :\

Monday – Argentina importing 10M Russian vaccines.

The Guardian The Seattle Times
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COVID work from home – week 20 – 20 July – 27 July

Weekend – European talk of second wave; is this poor isolation/masks or mutation? Quarantine measures being reintroduced. Seattle Times has a longer form article on “six months since the first US case”.

Usual Sunday graphic. WA in the steady, steady growth in number of cases. Must be close to going back to absolute lockdown.

Friday – US back above 1000 daily deaths. 15 days to go from 3 to 4 million cases. COVID isn’t going away. My guess is a combined flu/COVID shot every year going forward.

Thursday – Trump starts to realise COVID is real; cancels GOP convention. UK planning in the Spring was “complete failure”. US hits 4M cases. 915,000 new cases in last two weeks in US.

Wednesday – 15M global cases. Hotspots returning in Europe. More school districts in the area go online only.

Tuesday – schools are starting to move to online only for September. Less than six weeks away – and cases are still increasing. Trump says “wear a mask”..

Monday – yes – twenty weeks. Past the middle of July. Summer is passing. Projects I initiated in the early part of the year are coming to fruition and close.

Potential good news on a vaccine. 3.7MM cases in the US, 140k deaths. I know more and more people who have had COVID-19.

The Seattle Times BBC Guardian
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