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PSZoom revisited

Zoom have deprecated their JWT authentication against the backend API, and moved to OAuth.

Happily – Joseph McEvoy has updated the PSZoom module for PowerShell – and it’s working just great.

Create a new Server-to-Server OAuth through the Zoom App Marketplace, and you’re set:


Your usage will vary, but there is a really nice role based model (or “Scope”) for the API – I gave this just read access to meetings – and it’s been fine.

import-module PSZoom

# get the values from the Zoom Marketplace
#   Develop –> Build App –> Server-to-Server OAuth

$AccID = ‘from Zoom’
$ClientID = ‘from Zoom’
$ClientSecret = ‘from Zoom’

Connect-PSZoom -AccountID $AccID -ClientID $ClientID -ClientSecret $ClientSecret

$MeetingID = ‘meetingID’

$ZoomRegistrants = Get-ZoomMeetingRegistrants $MeetingID -pagesize 300

$reghashtable = $zoomregistrants.registrants

write-host $reghashtable.count

$outputs = $reghashtable |foreach-object {
return [pscustomobject]@{
     fname = “$($_.first_name)”
     lname = “$($_.last_name)”
     email = “$($”
     regtime = “$($_.create_time)”

$outputs | sort-object regtime | export-csv “zoom-meeting.csv” -notypeinformation