Firefox – Fifty Million downloads

I’ve been using the browser Firefox for a long time – since the earliest days of Phoenix and Firebird.

I am stunned that Firefox has been downloaded over fifty million times – this is an incredible achievement – the whole Firefox team deserves credit.

My own involvement with Firefox has been tiny. I’ve submitted one defect and a fix; I’ve recommended the browser to friends, colleagues and family; I’ve pushed for Novell Linux Desktop to use Firefox over Epiphany; I mandated the Firefox configuration policies inside ZENworks 7 Linux Management.

New Order

I got my copy of the UK edition of the latest New Order album “Waiting for the Sirens Call” a few days ago. Mmmm – it’s good.

Lots of echos of the ‘older New Order sound’ ; the Peter Hook bass is very strong in the mix. Many songs sound have hints of New Order of the late 80’s and early 90’s.

I’m off to Chicago next week to see New Order live.

“How ZENworks Changed My Life”

A working title for a self-help book on ZENworks :)

There are some great resources around for ZENworks administrators – from the online documentation, the community based CoolSolutions to Ron Tanners incredible Administrators Guide.

What is really missing is a short guide that describes the business and technology change that can take place with a coherent systems management project; the steps that should be taken; the stakeholders in an organisation; the thought processes behind the technology – all the moving parts that the other books don’t cover.

I spent time in Toronto this week at LinuxWorld – and spent time with Mark Schouls – we both have consulting backgrounds – and both saw the need for such a book.

Who knows – it might yet get written …


Novell Linux Desktop – Gnome panels

I had an interesting situation today where my NetApplet icon just disappeared. I hunted around the gconf panel settings – but no luck.

One quick mail to Guy and the answer came back:

Netapplet is a ‘systray’ application. I suppose you are missing the “Notification Area” applet in your of your panels for Netapplet to show up on your desktop.

If you have not already, simply add a new panel at the top of your desktop. Right-click on the panel “Add to panel > Utility > Notification Area”. Once there, you may need to restart netapplet to get it to show up there.

Working just great now – and shared so others may have a googleable fix.

More on Corporate Blogging

I’m in Toronto for LinuxWorld – and I’m looking at more relevant articles on blogging in a semi-closed corporate world. Next thing I find a very apt summary of this at Claire’s Alternate Version of Reality. Seems like Sun has a pretty pragmatic and open policy on employee blogging.

So in the words of Claire Giordano – who worked on the OpenSolaris project:

This conversation made me wonder – if you work for a company that doesn’t yet encourage employee blogging, and you’re wondering about whether you should influence your company to start blogging, where do you go from there? How do you go from wondering about whether to encourage blogging to articulating the benefits to the business to assessing cultural compatibility to persuading key influencers – and finally, to working the logistics?

Next thing I noticed was that all of the seminal blogging and disruptive marketing sources are noted – the Cluetrain Manifesto; as well as Tim Brays more recent posts on blogging.

The post is worth a read – it is certainly informative about the approach that Sun takes to blogging and the benefits they get from it.

Even Robert Scoble gets a mention..

ZENworks Linux Management – Cache licenses

I’ve been asked about ZLM cache licenses.

These are enabled in two places – in the base server.key license file; also with activation licenses for the caches.

First step is to check your server.key enables cache support

The server.key must have a line:

< caches > some number < /caches >

If the server.key does not have this line you will need a new server.key. Get this from Novell.

The Perfect Gin and Tonic

Mmmm – Bombay Sapphire – the perfect gin. Mix in proportion with the perfect tonic, add ice, lemon and relax.

Try deep-freezing your gin. The higher alcohol Bombay Sapphire (47%) does not freeze; instead it turns into a thick, oily, viscous liquid – a little like concentrated sulphuric acid.

Frozen GinFrozen Gin

Content without clutter – 1998 redux

Way back in the Pre-Novell days I was amazed at the on-line porfolio of thevoid – a UK based new media company. They were in Manchester (or certainly “Up North”) – but now look to be based in London where the streets are paved with gold.

Some of the Flash-based rendering and animation seems old-hat now – and oh so smooth on a fast P4 – but six and a half years ago this was cutting edge: