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Novell public wiki

I am working with my colleague, long-time friend and collaborator Ted Haeger (Reverend Ted) to get some of my content hosted and posted on a Novell community wiki.

Specifically I’ve got two pet projects:
– ZENworks 7 Linux Management how to/lab guide
– ZENworks 7 Desktop Management how to/lab guide

This will be cool to open up to the wider community. Watch this space.

“How ZENworks Changed My Life”

A working title for a self-help book on ZENworks :)

There are some great resources around for ZENworks administrators – from the online documentation, the community based CoolSolutions to Ron Tanners incredible Administrators Guide.

What is really missing is a short guide that describes the business and technology change that can take place with a coherent systems management project; the steps that should be taken; the stakeholders in an organisation; the thought processes behind the technology – all the moving parts that the other books don’t cover.

I spent time in Toronto this week at LinuxWorld – and spent time with Mark Schouls – we both have consulting backgrounds – and both saw the need for such a book.

Who knows – it might yet get written …


Mind Mapping Software

We have both used various Mind Mapping Software in our various roles; I’ve used The Brain extensively since early 2000 and more recently been looking at Visual Mind

With a switch to the Novell Linux Desktop I’ve had to re-evaluate the tools on offer; also working with maps across a team means that some level of interoperability is required. Mark showed me FreeMind – and it seems to fit the bill exactly. Cross platform, Open and best of all Free :)

I’ll post some more on how I get on with this.



One of the best Mind Mapping toolsets on the market is Mind Manager developed by MindJet. Fortunately, I do not run Windows… only Mac OS and Linux in this guys house!!

Free Mind is a great tool to use to map out your thoughts and ideas as they are running through your cranium. Captured, on paper, ready to engage!! I highly recommend using this to keep your ideas organized, and to use during brainstorming sessions.