Linux – better plug and play soon?

A great post from Greg K-H about the Linux Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) work that’s going on: It was basically a presentation from Kay Sievers showing udev and HAL working in real-time handing a very nasty chain of USB devices containing a bunch of usb-storage and card reader devices on a USB hub. The speed […]

ZENworks Linux Management – customer success

Great customer quote about ZENworks Linux Management: Chisholm said with SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 OPSM can apply security-related upgrades from a central point, with full control and reporting. “Within this more secure and up-to-date environment we can better ensure the integrity of our business information and transactions,” he said. “Due to our large number […]

Snort 2.4 released

Just read that Snort 2.4 is officially out – post here, release notes here. I’ll track to see what IPCop plans to do – currently at Snort 2.3.3; maybe I’ll roll my inner IDS to Snort 2.4 this weekend.

More on Windows Vista

Beta program has opened; there is now a product home page: It’s very telling that the strapline is “Arriving in 2006” – placing a definate line in the sand for ship. Beta 1 is available on MSDN – it’s a not insignificant 2.4GB DVD ISO download – wow. Looks like the baseline for new […]

BBC Radio streams

I’m still trying to find a way to get the BBC Radio streams to run outside of Real Player. I found a great site with the streams listed in a usable format. This in addition to the BBC Radio Player. The BBC have done a great job exposing a lot of their behindthe scenes technology. […]

Longhorn – now Windows Vista

Microsoft just announced that Longhorn will be named “Windows Vista” and beta 1 available next month.


Following on from the firewall upgrades a week or two ago – I continued to harden and update my public facing servers. I just installed Novell AppArmor on both web servers. Hopefully this host-based security hardening will help.