SLES 9, old hardware

I rebuilt a NetWare 6.5 server at home this weekend; replacing it with SLES 9.

What should have been an hour or so turned into a fun half-day – the CD-ROM on the server was flaky; SLES 9 CD1 booted; every other CD turned into just unreadable errors.

In the end I installed over ftp from another server – I should have done this much much earlier – I keep a server just for this purpose (AutoYaST, ZENworks Imaging etc).

In the end I was very pleased with another over-the-wire installation; it’s been a few months since I last had to do this; and this time for a ‘real’ server of my own.

Hoax or just sad?

I saw this on The Register this morning. The local interest (Utah woman gets $15k for tattoo on face) angle was interesting – but I thought “no one could be that crazy”.

The local Deseret News ran the story – and it all seems genuine enough.

Hunting around – and it looks like it may be a fake:

“However, the lack of blood or bloody tissue, redness or swelling … makes me still seriously doubt this is real.”

Logo – a new channel on satellite

A new channel appeared in the last week or so – Logo – and I’m sure there will be complaints from the locals. We quite like it 😉


For the first time ever, Gay America has a home on television where we can go to see ourselves. On LOGO you will see more than 200 lesbian and gay films, an ongoing documentary series, newscasts tailored for a gay and lesbian audience and quality original shows and specials. Programming that reflects our lives. Programming that tells our stories.