Building a keynote demo – revisited

I blogged from BrainShare in SLC about building a keynote demo.

The keynote we build for BrainShare in March was based on pre-release code; an early beta of ZENworks 7 Linux Management and a hastily rebranded early look at ZENworks Asset Management.

Things are a lot easier this time – we now have shipping product to demo with – and I am using the fantastic integrated demo system from Doc Hodges. I’ve got a few good workstations and VMware images.


I’ll take some more screen shots and share them online.

Blogging and Conferences

Robert Scoble had an interesting post on blogging at Microsoft Professional Developers Conference:

A new kind of conference experience from the inside

You know, for a conference team, blogs have really changed how we can watch the customer’s experience. We’re hitting the blogs a lot to see what people are reporting. Since there’s 1,000 bloggers here, if there’s a problem it’s very likely to get blogged before we even know about it. The scale of the PDC is just huge. It takes something like 15 minutes to walk from one end of the hall to the other and really the customer experience is all over the city. If you aren’t having a good experience in your hotel, for instance, it reflects poorly on the conference. Often times we can help if we know but in the old days a conference team wouldn’t be able to see these kinds of problems in real time.

Interesting. I’ll see how many people are here at BrainShare Barcelona blogging – certainly this looks interesting for BrainShare in SLC next year.

Barcelona #2 – at the airport

Ah – it’s fun being back in Spain – the culture is unique.

One example was from yesterday at the airport.

The baggage carousel became jammed with a badly positioned bag, and caused a huge pile of spilled bags and cases. Imagine a pile of jumbled checked baggage about ten feet high and forty feet long. No one came to clear the blockage – so passengers had to fight for their own:


I arrived in Barcelona today after spending a productive day in London visiting customers.

BrainShare is being held in a different venue this year – the brand new CCIB out on the east side of the city. Here‘s a google satellite picture of the place under construction.

The weekend will be spent with training Novell people and preparing for the week. I will post pictures and more.

Firefox vs. IE again

Fun and games again. I found another example where Microsoft is seemingly deliberately blocking the use of non-IE browsers; and this time with no ActiveX fun:


This makes no sense – even the MSDN subscription download site works with non-IE browsers (even the menuing is fixed in Deer Park)


Petrichor – the smell of rain.

A series of massive lightning storms over the valley this evening – I even captured some pictures:



[update – 8 second exposure, tripod mounted digital camera]

iPod woes

Urg – I’m just about to travel and my iPod is sick.

I found this in several places on the web – how to run the disk check:

If you want to run the internal full disk scan on your iPod:

Hold down Menu and Play until it reboots and you see the Apple logo
As soon as your see the Apple logo, press Rew/Fw/Menu and the center menu “Select” button all at the same time. That will start the full scan.