New blog theme; CSS creation

I’m working on a new blog/site – and I’m working on a new, crisp three column design. I found a great article that describes how to do this – with the result of really clean HTML and CSS. A nice article.


Most people have heard of eBay and others; craigslist still seems to still be a word-of-mouth secret. We need to sell two large sofas. Seems like craigslist is a good way to sell things like this – I’ve had some great feedback from friends and colleagues. Here’s the link – if you’re interested I’ll certainly […]

Wifi, iTunes and Airport

I’ve been playing music via iTunes to my Apple Airport for a while – and it’s always been pretty perfect. Recently however the music keeps stopping and starting – nothing seemed to fix it. Then I found a firmware update for the Airport – here – that seemed to work. I moved the wifi to […]

Hey you in Sandvika

I use Google Analytics to track traffic to this blog. I commented on this earlier – and sorry for the almost 30k payload! I noticed tonight a visitor from the far north of Norway – in Sandvika – this stood out as being the most northerly visitor I’ve had. Welcome – and please leave a […]

ZENworks Podcasts

I recorded a series of podcasts today for the new Novell Communities site. Usual delays – see posts below – but should be up and posted in mid-February. Topics for discussion: ZENworks 7, ZENworks Asset Management, Patching and BrainShare 2006. Cool.

Coolblogs update

I wrote a few days ago on how a few Novell people are going to start blogging on CoolSolutions. This is delayed. Sigh. End of quarter IT lockdown is the reason. Means that our internal IT people do not touch IT systems during quarter and year end periods. Looks like another month of waiting.. I’m […]

Carbon Neutral flights

Sounds crazy – flying without incurring the cost of CO2 emissions. However – I found an interesting website that helps calculate the ‘carbon cost’ of flying and the remedy to neutralise that usage. The example given – for a medium haul flight – is something I do on a weekly basis. For example a round […]


It’s a long weekend – so fun with servers. I wanted to replace the Windows 2003 server that hosts my Active Directory and Kerberos pieces – with a newer server running pretty much the same. I ended up using Windows 2003 R2. Foolishly I assumed that ‘Windows 2003 R2’ == ‘Windows 2003 SP1’ and a […]

I don’t write code

I’ve had this mantra since university – it keeps me legal and stops me getting into a world of pain with support etc. That been said – I’ve just debugged, fixed and submited a patch to a problem in a Drupal module. Woo. PHP debugging.

Brokeback Mountain and Utah

Being on the road meant I missed this one. … the R-rated Western gay romance “Brokeback Mountain” – had been pulled from screens at the MegaPlex 17 at Jordan Commons. Management at the MegaPlex 17 decided late Thursday afternoon not to open “Brokeback Mountain” on Friday as scheduled. Full details here and here No reasons […]