– Short one today; Guy Kawasaki wrote on his blog about his experiences in his first 100 days of blogging. One comment summed up my thoughts on Cool Blogs: 5. An expert who blogs is more interesting than a blogger who experts. I hope you find Cool Blogs interesting. Let me know – comments are […]

LinkedIn – an update

I wrote about LinkedIn just over a year ago. It’s been an interesting tool. I’m seeing more and more people join – and link with absolutely anyone – without regard for whether they have any personal or business relationship. I’ve always said – I will not connect with people I can’t personally endorse. One good […]


– Have you tried OpenSUSE yet? Written at: Draper, UT OpenSUSE – project site at – is sponsored by Novell and “promotes the use of Linux everywhere”. I guess for mere mortals that means on your laptop, home servers, development boxes – anywhere that matters! I know a few people who have given it […]

Novell product support on VMware

– One common question from customers and partners is “What is Novell’s support stance for running Novell products and solutions on VMware” Written at: Salt Lake City, UT Here is the official answer in the form of Novell Technical Information Document TID 10098095 – this is directly from Novell Support. Novell Technical Services (NTS) will […]

Novell Cool Blogs

I’ve been splitting my time blogging between Novell Cool Blogs, my family blog and this site. I’ve now posted over twenty posts to the Novell site in a month; and I’ve been trying to slow down. I don’t want to make that site ‘mine’. However I’m still posting double that of others. I’ll try to […]

Microsoft Windows Vista

– This is the start of another series of blog posts – this time around managing desktops and laptops – and what will happen in the future with Windows Vista. In the words of Microsoft’s own marketing – we’ll try and “Bring Clarity to your World” Written at: Draper, UT First to the basics – […]

Microsoft Open Source Software labs

– Microsoft announced at Linux World this week that they would be ‘opening the doors’ of their Open Source Software Labs. Early days – the site went live this afternoon and there is very little content (low signal:noise ratio – flames about Windows streaming video and Microsoft outnumber the useful information). Overall I think this […]

Mac OS X Boot Camp

Apple released Boot Camp. Legally letting you dual boot your Intel based MacBook. Very nice – more fuel to the “Why I want a MacBook” 🙂

CTO blog

– Novell’s CTO – Jeff Jaffe – is now blogging – His first post is now live – it’s pretty long – but an interesting read. Written at: Draper, UT

Recycle Utah

We joined Recycle Utah a month or so ago – supporting recycling locally. We’ve now started composting again (a three year gap since we were in England), seperating recyclable glass and generally trying to cut down on the general trash we throw out. I also signed up for the Utah Power green energy program – […]