Mail and mail servers. Hula is no more.

Yesterday evening I moved my mail server from a clunky old Windows 2003 server to a shiny new SLES 10 box. I still use NetMail – but I had a couple of fun hours with the move. First I looked at the state of Hula; some pretty broken RPMs that didn’t do much useful for […]

DirecTV, Tivo and HD

We bought a splendid HD TV a week or so ago – a Sony – very pleased with the quality. I did the cable magic and got the DirecTV up to speed as well. I decided to go with the ‘old’ HR10-250 Tivo based DVR, rather than the newer MPEG4 non-Tivo DVR. Call it Tivo loyalty. […]

Bayes learning, SpamAssassin, Novell NetMail and Copfilter

  I use IPcop and Copfilter as my firewall/spam/email filtering gateway. Free and easy. Scales well. I’ve had problems with Copfilter running the Bayesian learning for spam assassin; in short copfilter runs a wrapper script to call into I found that the IMAP->message_to_file was just sitting waiting for input from the NetMail server I […]

Traffic Spike

I sent out birth announcements via email and blog on 28th October; the traffic spiked. It’s back to normal now – just family and friends.

Novell and Microsoft

I’m sure many inches of commentary will be written – but at first look this is a bold and disruptive move. Customers should be reassured and have confidence in a mixed source infrastructure.

The World is Flat

I read The World is Flat by Thomas Friedman a while ago. In it he describes how technology and supply chain improvements are changing the world. Here’s my example. Yesterday I ordered a red iPod Nano, with personalised engraving from Apple. It’s a present for Grania. Today it has been shipped. From Shenzhen in China: […]