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From the dev lists:

The target release date for WordPress 2.2 is less than a month away, April 23rd.

Phew. Patch and relax. Update and relax. Patch and relax.

When Matt and the others from Automattic said they’d be stepping up the frequency of updates – I didn’t expect this 🙂

It’s good though. Lots of new features promised for 2.2 and especially 2.3/2.4 and beyond.


Back from BrainShare and the usual round of patching the internal boxes.

The firewall/spam server got a good round of updates. IPcop had two major updates. Also the CLAM anti-virus for the mail sweeper got updated to 0.90.1

There are also a stack of SLES 10 and Windows 2003 updates to test and install. Sigh. Windows 2003 SP2 is now live; I need to check it doesn’t make anything barf. SLES 10 just has the normal slew of packages.

Live from CeBIT

I am in Hannover for a couple of days; announcing a new product at CeBIT – the worlds largest IT and technology show.

It is my first time here – and the scale is unimaginable. I was warned by colleagues about the traffic, the remote hotels and the expense – but until this morning I was unprepared.

The Novell stand is huge; with product demos; a cinema and a cafe to talk to partners and customers.

Novell Cafe @ CeBIT

Two press meetings down; a press conference and a partner briefing to go.

Written at: Cebit. Hannover, Germany

Mmm – delicious

All of the food so far in Beijing has been excellent.

Last night I headed out with Laurence and we ran into the Dong Hua Men Night Market – which is renowned in Beijing.

Dong Hua Men Night Market

There is a wide range of regional delicacies on sale – including lamb kebabs, pork and beef skewers and fruit.

Then there are the real specialties. In the interests of fairness – think how interesting pork scratchings and haggis are..

Starfish on a stick:

Starfish on a stick

And roasted and fried scorpions, silkworm grubs and crickets:


Silkworm grubs. Crunchy on the outside, silky and velvety on the inside. That’s what my online gourmet reviewer said.

Silkworm grubs

Scorpions. Crunchy with a bite. I made that one up.


Finally crickets. Fried and ready to go.


Panoramic photos of Beijing sights

I’ve been taking pictures of my stay in Beijing – I’ve added the pictures from Laurence too.

In addition I am creating some panoramic shots stitching together many pictures to make a panorama.

The panorama is great for trying to give some feeling of the scale of the sights.

Here is Mao’s Mausoleum from a couple of pictures:

Mao Zedong Mausoleum

And here are a couple of pictures from the Forbidden City – still these pictures don’t give the vastness of the scale:

Forbidden City - Palace

[For the record – I am using Hugin to create the pictures – it is free and opensource.]

Beijing stories – continued…

I am here in Beijing with Laurence – a colleague from the UK.


Yesterday we did the unthinkable – and booked ourselves on an organised tour to the Great Wall.

First stop – the Ming Tombs – about 50km North West of Beijing itself.


As you can see it was drizzling and foggy.

Next stop – after lunch and shopping – was the Great Wall at Ba Da Ling itself.

We drove for just a few minutes and from nowhere Tolkeinesque mountains started to loom up through the mist. Very impressive.

We arrived and the snow started falling. I wanted to get a geocache – so we took the less travelled and much much steeper southern part of the wall.


As you can see – almost whiteout conditions.

The climb up was just slippery; going down was part farce, part winter sport. I’ll post a video of that later!

Here is a view during the summer to show the difference:

Finally – back into a very very wet Beijing for the evening.

We decided to avoid the local delicacies on sale in the hutong – pictures of those soon – but it was a festival – so fireworks, firecrackers – and kids with sparklers.

Beijing stories

I’m in Beijing with Laurence – a friend from work in the UK.

I spent the morning in the local Novell office – great views; mainly of construction:

Construction in Beijing

We were taken out to lunch by the project team from Novell – to a local tofu restuarant. Tofu served in ways I’d never seen it before. Even as a dessert.

This evening we took a taxi to Tiananmen Square – and walked around. It truly is immense. We were accosted by dozens of people selling kites, Mao watches, books of Mao Quotations – and people just wanting to talk and speak English.

Worker's statue at Mao's Mausoleum Worker's statue at Mao's Mausoleum Red Star

We then went wandering, found a restuarant, and using a combination of pointing and my month old mandarin skills – we ordered Peking Duck, rice and beer. I even managed to ask for a receipt and get the taxi driver back to our hotel.

Travelling to Beijing

I’ve just arrived in Beijing after a day of travelling. I left home before dawn for a 6am flight to San Francisco, then flew to Beijing.

The flight was uneventful; immigration stressfree.

Rainbow over San Francisco International Airport  Arctic Ice Flying a great circle 

First impressions of Beijing? It’s raining, foggy and construction is everywhere.

Tomorrow I will be in the local Novell office, more updates then.