Reverend Ted moves on

I didn’t want to blog this last week and scoop Ted. Here’s his post in his own words. I worked with Ted since late 1999 – I was the Product Manager for ZENworks for Desktops; he was the dynamic and mouthy Californian telling people about it. I learned a lot from you Ted.

Adobe open sources Flex

Scoble got the scoop; but this is a very interesting development. Imagine really slick, interactive, powerful management consoles build on Eclipse and Flex. The same functionality in a thick console and in a web application. I can see this being looked at really closely by a lot of the management console and UI people in […]

Nokia to BlackBerry

I’ve been a Nokia customer for years. My first phone was a ‘Nokia Orange’ – the old 2140 brick. Since then I’ve had lots of different Nokia phones; the only exception was a dreadful Motorola for a few months. I’ve now had to make a choice – and I’m moving to a BlackBerry 8800. Email […]

More strategy meetings

In a room with dozens and dozens of people from across the BU and other teams – working on strategy and changing our development model.

Nice Rack!

 Half height rack – courtesy of Dan who’s moving away soon. Now the servers will have a real home again!


Never ignore the cones in the construction zone. Seen on State Street at about 10000 South in Sandy. Guess someone has some explaining to do. That thing wasn’t coming out of the 3 foot deep pipe trench.

Yonghegong Lama Temple

I visited the Yonghegong Lama Temple in Beijing yesterday with Laurence. It is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastries in the world; there is considerable controversy about the political freedom of the Tibetan Buddhists – certainly the monks in the monastry were all goverment approved. That aside – it was a very tranquil and […]

Commuting in Beijing

Most of the visitors to the Novell office here in Beijing are from the US – and get ferried around in a company car with driver. The first time I was here with Laurence we wanted to stay at the Marriott – a whole 15 minutes away; we got a lot of pressure from the […]

Logging defects

I’m a-logging bugs against code. Reminds me of the Dilbert cartoon: Usual disclaimers – (c) Scott Adams and all that