Vista, HP and drivers for a HP Photosmart 7150

At last HP have released basic drivers for the HP Photosmart 7150 for Vista.

They describe these as “basic” – I’ll report progress later.

This download includes a Print Driver only. This driver makes it possible to use the basic functions for the printer. HP will not be providing a Full Featured Software and Driver for this product; therefore, some functionality may be lost when you use this product with Windows Vista.

Driver is available via – the direct link is here.

PGP and my brick of a laptop

Somehow my PGP passphrase got corrupted; there’s no way back.

PGP support tried – but my brick of a laptop needs a rebuild.

I was disappointed at how seemingly fragile the passphrase piece is; the support guy at PGP said he’d never seen it before.


Back to a new build; if it happens again I’ll be somewhat upset..

Laptop fun

Somehow the SATA drive in my new Thinkpad is screwy. The surface test is good; but PGP Whole Disk Encryption doesn’t like it. It doesn’t recognise my passphrases.

I’m back up and kinda running on my ‘old’ ATA drive in my new laptop; it’s faster but the drive is slow and I’ve lost a little data.

I’m going to get a USB-SATA enclosure and see if I can restore the drive.

Want to be a ZENworks Product Manager?

We’re growing!

There are a few open opportunities within the ZENworks Business Unit for Product Managers.

Ideally we are looking for people who can ‘hit the ground running’.

If you need any additional information – or if you want to apply – get in touch via the Novell email address.

[Edit – the role would probably be based at one of our ZENworks Development Centres – namely Provo, UT, Boston, MA or Bangalore, India]

Honey-dos for Grandpa

My usual list of housekeeping:

  • install OpenOffice 2.2
  • fix the map updates for the Nuvi sat-nav
  • change the SSID and secure the wireless on the BT Homehub
  • fix the laptop and wireless card
  • provide recommendations for wireless and wired access for the work on the house

All in a days work.