Dilbert and real life

Scott Adams wrote:

Yesterday I was creating a Dilbert comic that will run in August. In the first panel, Dogbert needed to describe his job as VP of marketing. How do you do that in the fewest words? Here was my solution.

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In the Novell SuperLab

I’m in the Novell SuperLab for the night – don’t ask. I’ve got the run of the place – there are thousands of machines in here – and I’ve got 500 workstations to play with. It’s a geek playground.

I’m running some tests, collecting data and writing notes for a set of white papers about ZENworks Configuration Management.

Written at: Provo, UT

Google ads

I run adsense on the blog – it keeps a few pennies trickling in. All of the content is context driven.

I keep having to filter stuff I don’t care about – baby formula, dating agencies, a whole load of Chinese ads from when I was in Beijing. Newest one is ‘Mormon Ringtones’.



Moving to the new rack

I got a new rack a month or so ago – now it’s in the basement and I’m moving the servers into the rack.

I ordered new shelves (bare rack – no rails!) so slowly but surely the mail server and web server have been moved.

Next step – moving the internal infrastructure and putting it on a new internal subnet.

Spam and firewall server upgrade

More memory for the firewall and spam server – it’s been getting hammered recently – over 1000 spam emails per day.

Hopefully this means email for Grandpop, Rachael and everyone in Utah will be working better.

(Just a clarification – it’s just the family in Utah who gets mail through this box – not the whole of Utah..)

Hardware retirement..

It’s always sad when old hardware dies.

Time to kill off the last old Compaq box:


A bomb proof Compaq Proliant 800. Running as a backup server for six years now.

I’m on the lookout for a replacement – anyone from Dell, IBM or HP offering some eval kit?