“So long, and Thanks for All the Fish”


After eight years of ups, downs and truly unique Novell moments I have decided to leave Novell. My last day will be 7th March.

It’s been a long journey since 1999 and ZENworks for Desktops 3. My list of close friends, mentors and truly remarkable people is long.

My thanks to you all; I wish you all the very best.

More on SPAM

Just seven days in – and here’s the data from spam assassin on the SPAM spike on Wednesday.

Usually around 3000 spam per day – easily dealt with; 13000 in a single day – backlog.


Mail server woes

More specifically the anti-spam and anti-virus gateway.

13,000 spam mails between 6am this morning and lunch time. Ouch.

There were some 46,000 mails in the queue for the bayesian filter.

I had to manually go and delete the ‘marked as spam’ queue to clear out the congestion. Things seem back to normal – I don’t know what caused the huge surge in spam overnight.