“We Apologise for the Inconvenience”

Thanks to everyone who mailed me this weekend. Over 150 mails so far – and still coming in.

Sorry for shocking people by leaving Novell – I guess I had the “Red Pill” pretty bad.

Red Pill Hand

No news on “where” yet.

As for the “Goodbye” – I’ll be having a couple of beers in SLC on Friday 14th March. That’s the Friday before BrainShare.

“Normal” weekends

I’ve not been looking at the beta builds of Rawhide this weekend. I don’t think I will.

Instead – listening to music and playing with the kids.

I bought some CDs at HMV at Heathrow:

Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures – Collector’s Edition
Joy Division – Still  – Collector’s Edition
Los Campesinos! – Hold on now, Youngsters

Also listening to Mark Radcliffe via the BBC iPlayer. Spot of old stuff (The Primatives, Stereolab) and new (Ting Tings, Vampire Weekend).

[Edit: I also purchased Control on DVD]

Off out for lunch later.