ITIL v3 Diploma

It’s ITIL reading time again.

Following on from the ITIL v2 Managers Certificate I am now working on the next step for the ITIL v3 equivalent.


It’s been difficult finding the details – but what is now clear is that the route to the ITIL v3 Diploma is via the v3 Manager Bridge training.

To that end I’m off to sunny Brisbane in July (in the middle of the Queensland winter) to sit a 4.5 day Manager Bridge course and then a multiple-choice exam. The pass score for the exam is something like 80% – so I’m reading the ITIL v3 books – yes all five of them.

WordPress and WPG updates

Finally I got to re-rack and power up the servers after the move (that’s another post!)

Obviously being offline for a few weeks meant that there were updates to be applied.

One nice update that was available is the new version of WPG2 – the integration of WordPress and Gallery 2. The project is here

WPG2 was updated to version 3.0.6 – which integrates with the new security model (password hashing) of WordPress 2.5. The update has been a few months in the works – kudos to ozgreg and the rest of the hackers on getting this out of the door.

I did the double upgrade to WordPress 2.5.1 and WPG2 3.0.6 – and so far everything is looking great on the main family blog site.

I’ll let this sit for a few days – and then update the other sites.

Back online

At last – back online. Posts from the technology side of the move coming soon.