ITIL v3 Diploma

It’s ITIL reading time again. Following on from the ITIL v2 Managers Certificate I am now working on the next step for the ITIL v3 equivalent. It’s been difficult finding the details – but what is now clear is that the route to the ITIL v3 Diploma is via the v3 Manager Bridge training. To […]

Spam, Spam, Spam – a follow-up

It’s nice to have google eat the spam instead of me. Before the move I switched the MX to use hosted google mail – I saw an immediate drop in spam handled by spamassassin. The flip side is that my hosted google mail shows about 2000 spam being caught for my emails every day.

WordPress and WPG updates

Finally I got to re-rack and power up the servers after the move (that’s another post!) Obviously being offline for a few weeks meant that there were updates to be applied. One nice update that was available is the new version of WPG2 – the integration of WordPress and Gallery 2. The project is here […]