WordPress dogfooding

Testing WordPress 2.6 beta 1 on the this blog. Upgrade worked well; no major issues so far. One point to note – publishing via XML-RPC (i.e using a blogging client such as Windows Live Writer) is disabled by default. You have to turn it on. If you don’t then WLW throws an error: Server Error […]

On the bus again

I’m taking the Connector bus again to work. An earlier start to set up for todays meetings; but it’s still a lot easier than the commute. On another green note – composting starts today in my building. All of the cups, plates etc are moving to compostable paper from polystyrene. Good news.

Software releases – time vs. quality

I’ve just started using Topo Explorer – and to be honest it’s one of the most bug-ridden pieces of code I’ve seen in a long time. It looks evident that a ‘date for ship’ was set; product out of the door regardless of quality, feature completeness or usability. I’ve been logging issues in the forum; […]

Blogging on TechNet

More blogs on TechNet – mainly around the new Configuration Manager Service Pack 1 and the start of my introductions to the System Center Alliance. I’m in the same position now as when blogging at Novell – which blog gets the updates… I’m probably going to post work specific at the TechNet site and bring […]

UPS tests

Last weekend it was really wet and windy – urg. We had quite a few inches of rain over a few days, the garden was very wet. The wind was blowing the trees around the house a lot; the neighbours continue to be worried about the risk of a tree coming down and damaging the […]

Blogging at Microsoft

Finally I got that difficult first post out of the way on my Microsoft blog. I had to choose between MSDN or TechNet for the hosting; as my focus isn’t the developer audience (Phew!) I chose TechNet, which is targeting the IT Professional. I’m still using Windows Live Writer to post – that does make […]

Novell Cool Blogs

My posts were finally removed from Novell Cool Blogs. Sad – they could have been kept for reference rather than being swept down the memory hole. I also noticed that several of the other ex-Novell Cool Bloggers – Reverend Ted for example – have also been purged. Most of my posts are still here on […]


Two APC Smart-UPS 1400XL mounted in the bottom of the rack. I lost 6U but I gained clean, clean power and over 17 minutes of on-battery power. Next step – install the power monitoring software, set up power outage alerts (3 AM SMS  telling me the power cycled..) and the shutdown policies for extended outages.