ITIL Managers bridge – update

One day left- then the exam.

I must say – the workload and effort for this course is a lot more than for the ITIL v2 Managers cert; there is a lot more reading, homework, mock-exam question taking and general research needed. Also piling on is the ‘body of knowledge’ that is assumed from the v2 Manager exam.

ITIL v3 Managers bridge

I’m in Brisbane – at the end of day one of my ITIL v3 Managers bridge course.

Phew. I’m tired. Just like the training for the v2 Managers Certificate last year (here, the exam here and results just before new year.)

The training and exam are for the ITIL v3 Managers Certificate. That gives me the ‘ITIL Expert’

The ‘ITIL Expert’ is the new description for the ITIL v3 Diploma; also an update on the Intermediate modules for the direct route – they are slowly being rolled out later this year and into 2009. I wouldn’t expect to see the Managing across Lifecycle until maybe March 2009.

The other interesting point is that the ‘Advanced Level’ in the diagram doesn’t exist yet.

Strange world

I travelled wearing my black Ximian staff shirt; then I got stopped in the airport by a Gnome fanboy who told me that the Ximian Desktop rocked!

Where did Saturday go?

I got on my plane in San Francisco on Friday night – watching the last of the fireworks.

It’s now Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the domestic terminal in Sydney waiting for my flight to Brisbane.

That’s the worst part of the travel west and crossing the dateline – there’s a day lost from my life.