WordPress themes

Hunting around for the ‘right’ theme – my hacks to Regulus by Ben Gillbanks are still doing an admirable job. I’ve dragged the theme through a miriad of WordPress alphas, betas and releases; and added a stack of plugins and widgets to the side. My ideal is a clean, two-column, widget-ready theme. Fast to load […]

Fixing _weak_escape errors in WordPress 2.8

Iā€™m hoping this saves someone some searching. I upgraded a couple of blogs to WordPress 2.8 beta early this morning ā€“ and I had problems with a single plugin ā€“ Audit Trail by John Godley. The symptom was that on login you got a blank screen and Apache/PHP threw this: [Fri May 29 11:59:05 2009] […]

ZENworks for Toasters

This goes back a long, long way. Summer 2000 I was talking to an audience of customers and resellers in South Africa about how the directory, identity-driven management and ZENworks specifically could manage anything. The concepts of management by exception and the extensibility of the Novell Directory Services (as it was then known) were ideal […]

Adding movies to the family blog

I’ve finally got the movie to web thing down to a pretty efficient process. Video (AVI or AVCHD) –> Sony Vegas –> Flash Video studio (convert to flv) –> Amazon S3 I’m using the Flash Video Player plugin for WordPress – it’s nice and clean. Using Amazon S3 lets me put video in a datacenter […]