WordPress filesystem abstraction – and automatic updates

Way back in the not-so-distant past the only way to update WordPress was to download (wget/ftp) updates, plugins and themes, unpack them and perform the update/install. It is possible to pull the latest builds from subversion – but that’s really focused on the core hacker. New in WP 2.7 was the ability to update automatically. […]

Online presence

I just noticed that I moved this blog to WordPress 1.5 some four years ago! Prior to that I had several online things – including a static html status and news diary. Here’s a post on this from April 2005 – my first online web page was in 1993!

Consolidation and acquisitions in the Systems Management space

Never a dull moment watching Systems Management. I remember talking with Ronni Colville from Gartner in early 2000 about how what was then known as “Enterprise Software Distribution” would always keep evolving – but would never really change. Today the challenges are many – mobility, bandwidth, expectations of users, privacy, security, compliance – all tied […]