Fixing WeatherIcon plugin for WordPress 2.9-rare (alpha nightlies)

Couple of changes to WordPress 2.9 coming along – including deprecating streams.php and gettext.php in the includes. There’s a ticket on it here – The easy fix is to comment out the lines where the modules are loaded: WeatherIcon.php 55 # Fixes a bug in l10n.php where some guy decided there was no reason […]

WordPress 2.8.5 – beta and drop

There’s an annoying DOS for WordPress doing the rounds – it’s blockable at the edge, using .htaccess, using a plugin, hand patching or by upgrading to 2.8.5 Kudos to the team for getting on top of this. Here’s the scoop off wp-hackers: 2.8.5 will probably release sometime in the next 24 hours.  Changes since […]