Uploading mysql dumps to GoDaddy

Strictly a console guy – I’ve been struggling to get the big blog database dumps up to the new hosting. phpMyAdmin claims to support zipped dumps – but that doesn’t work. There are also timeouts in the console for the upload and import. I finally fixed it by using scp to move the non-compressed dump […]

WordPress 3.1 beta 1

More testing of the server migration to the cloud – and also to note that WordPress 3.1 beta 1 is now live. Some nice features – I’ll be kicking the tyres some more on this in the coming weeks.

Infrastructure – heavy lifting and planning

A trio of projects before the year-end – all interwined. Migration of mail from Google Apps to Hosted Exchange. Migration of DNS from current service provider to ‘someone new’ Migration of blog/photos to ‘somewhere in the cloud’ Moving the mail isn’t that hard – it’s just making sure that mail doesn’t get dropped while the […]