Tsk. Snow is forecast for mid-week – and the local media are going insane over the possibilities of between 3” and 12” (7cm and 30cm) of snow. Here’s the forecast: Cliff Mass has some reasoned discussion on his NW Weather Blog. Updates from “Snowpocalypse central” during the week.

Killing boxes

I’ve got rid of five more servers out of the rack this weekend. Web server – this was a nice fat server for virtualisation; now repurposed with a nice video card and it’s a media server for the home theatre. Old media server is now dead. So long! Old MP3/itunes/TVersity server is now consolidated with […]

The end of an era – no more self-host

After a decade of static IP and reasonable bandwidth I finally ended my ‘experiment’ and ‘learning lab’ which was self-hosting. Before we moved to the US I ran NetWare 5.1 from my WW2-era bomb shelter under my house in Nottingham. This was the home for my email (running NIMS – subsquently NetMail) and a semi-static […]

Infrastructure changes – Covad and GoDaddy frustrations

Most of the way through the infrastructure changes at the moment. A recap: Migration of mail from Google Apps to Hosted Exchange. Migration of DNS from current service provider to ‘someone new’ Migration of blog/photos to ‘somewhere in the cloud’ Step one – the mail switch was relatively painless – it needed some careful planning […]