Excel 2013 and Power View – sometimes doesn’t start

I had a group of machines for a pilot project just stop launching Power View. Very frustrating – and then my machine stopped working. I finally tracked down the problem – and hopefully this helps others. Using the Registry Editor – RegEdit – browse to Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\User Settings You should see a registry key PowerViewExcelAddin Delete […]

Change control–test before tinkering

Bobbins. I made a change to the web server config in Azure today – and it took the web server VMs offline. Still troubleshooting on the why – but I had to rebuild the base server and re-attach the web content and database drive. Lesson learned – test, test and document the changes..

Postfix, Office 365, SMTP AUTH and STARTTLS

A fun day. First up there is a feature gap on Azure – where there is no reverse DNS – i.e. PTR records – for virtual machines. The main problem I am having since moving things to Azure is that mail delivery from Postfix is getting some hosts rejected – because the receiving MTA receives […]