WordPress updates

I’ve not blogged about WordPress patches and updates for a while – I’ve been just that busy. This weekend another two patches – for 2.2.x and 2.0.x  So far so good – easy and clean updates. Worth an upgrade too – looking at the code changes there seems to be a lot of additional checking […]

The now never-ending WordPress mill

From the dev lists: The target release date for WordPress 2.2 is less than a month away, April 23rd. Phew. Patch and relax. Update and relax. Patch and relax. When Matt and the others from Automattic said they’d be stepping up the frequency of updates – I didn’t expect this 🙂 It’s good though. Lots […]

The WordPress merry-go-round

WordPress 2.0.7 – security fixes. Kinda instantly obsoleted WordPress 2.0.6 – which in itself was bug and security fixes. WordPress 2.1 still moves forward; beta 2 via svn is looking pretty sweet.

WordPress 2.1 beta 1

Hot on the heels of WordPress 2.0.6 release candidate – is WordPress 2.1 beta 1. I tried the alpha from subversion on this blog a while ago; it looked promising. Now we are at beta 1. You can get the beta from here; knowing the test and release team – it will be live in […]

WordPress 2.0.6 RC2

Update time again – this time for another security issue. Here’s the mail from wp-testers: http://wordpress.org/beta/wordpress-2.0.6-RC2.zip http://wordpress.org/beta/wordpress-2.0.6-RC2.tar.gz RC2 addresses the following vulnerability. http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2006/Dec/0463.html We also changed how we escape HTML attributes. Escaping is done with a new attribute_escape() function. http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/4656 This touched a lot of files so we need to do some broad testing to […]


So I’m in San Francisco at the WordPress Community geek-fest that is WordCamp. It’s kinda interesting – the usual [x]camp format; the usual 80/20 mix of hackers and non-hackers; the lack of power outlets… There are a lot of people here who are using WordPress and want more – there is certainly a wave of […]

Running WordPress on openSUSE

As promised here is the ‘HOW-TO’ for running WordPress on openSUSE. This is a simple three step process: – install and configure openSUSE – configure apache and mysql – install WordPress