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ZENworks Linux Management – Cache licenses

I’ve been asked about ZLM cache licenses.

These are enabled in two places – in the base server.key license file; also with activation licenses for the caches.

First step is to check your server.key enables cache support

The server.key must have a line:

< caches > some number < /caches >

If the server.key does not have this line you will need a new server.key. Get this from Novell.

Content without clutter – 1998 redux

Way back in the Pre-Novell days I was amazed at the on-line porfolio of thevoid – a UK based new media company. They were in Manchester (or certainly “Up North”) – but now look to be based in London where the streets are paved with gold.

Some of the Flash-based rendering and animation seems old-hat now – and oh so smooth on a fast P4 – but six and a half years ago this was cutting edge:

Mind Mapping Software

We have both used various Mind Mapping Software in our various roles; I’ve used The Brain extensively since early 2000 and more recently been looking at Visual Mind

With a switch to the Novell Linux Desktop I’ve had to re-evaluate the tools on offer; also working with maps across a team means that some level of interoperability is required. Mark showed me FreeMind – and it seems to fit the bill exactly. Cross platform, Open and best of all Free :)

I’ll post some more on how I get on with this.



One of the best Mind Mapping toolsets on the market is Mind Manager developed by MindJet. Fortunately, I do not run Windows… only Mac OS and Linux in this guys house!!

Free Mind is a great tool to use to map out your thoughts and ideas as they are running through your cranium. Captured, on paper, ready to engage!! I highly recommend using this to keep your ideas organized, and to use during brainstorming sessions.