Culture change, collaberation and elephants

A colleague from the Novell European Support Centre sent me an interesting article from IBM research. in many respects – especially seeing the ‘team drawn elephant’ exercise brought into a discussion about collaberation methods. The key piece that I was interested in was in the culture change required to bring about such changes in […]


I’m not claiming any credit. One of my team is now recommending Cluetrain Manifesto to members of the Novell Communities of Practice. Kinda cool really Team.Here is a PDF of the Cluetrain 95 theses. Buy the book for the real goodness.Cheers.

GroupWise Sequoia – and moving to Linux 100%

I’ve just upgraded to the latest Novell internal build of GroupWise Sequoia client on NLD – and it’s much improved. Lots of small things in the Linux client have been fixed – and it seems a lot more responsive and less ‘crashy’ 🙂 Even small things like the startup parameters are now respected and work […]

Is Blogging now a mainstream activity?

I’ve been collecting articles and information about how the blogging phenomena has started to change the relationship between Product Management and our customers. This is a more specific niche than how blogging is changing marketing for example – but still lots of data. One article that caught my eye this morning was on the front […]

Things you see on the train

(More catchup from last week – slightly delayed by events at the weekend) I had to travel between Zuerich and Stuttgart on Thursday evening with John Mahon. We decided the best way to travel would be by train – so we took the DB ICE between the two cities – very relaxing, comfortable and a […]

Smart Fun

Aside from being ill in Europe – there was time for a suitable amount of jolly fun. Novell Zurich has a pool car – as you can see it’s ex-CTP – so it’s done a few miles. Alan is a bit of a performance car man; while I’ve always wanted to drive a car that’s […]

Sick in England – the benefits of social healthcare

I was in Europe most of last week – visiting customers and having meetings in Bracknell, Duesseldorf, Zuerich and Stuttgart. On Wednesday morning I woke up with a fever and felt really achy – I put this down to jetlag. I noticed that breathing was difficult and my side hurt like hell. On Friday I […]

London – early morning

I went out late with Alan and got the night bus back. It’s amazing how alive London feels at 4am – the sun is starting to rise; the sky is lightening; people are still on the streets – either returning home or heading to work. The one thing that struck me that was different from […]

GroupWise client killer

My GroupWise client on the Novell Linux Desktop sometimes hangs – so I made a dirty little script to kill it. (Should be two lines of text in total for the script) #!/bin/shps ax|grep [b]in/groupwise|grep -v .sh|xargs –max-args=1|sed 1q|xargs kill -9 Paste this into a text file – say; make it executable chmod +x […]