Rackspace and ZENworks – Press Release

Nice press release from Novell and Rackspace:

WALTHAM, Mass.—18 Jul 2005—Novell today announced Rackspace Managed Hosting has selected Novell® ZENworks® Linux Management software to administer its new enterprise Linux* hosting solution. Additionally, with the launch of Rackspace Red Label*, the company now offers its enterprise hosting solution on SUSETM LINUX Enterprise Server, among other Linux distributions. Because ZENworks can manage multiple platforms, Rackspace deployed the solution to gain improved management capabilities and the freedom to deploy multiple Linux platforms. As a result, employee productivity is improved and operating costs are lowered.

Full text here.

Spread Firefox

Spread Firefox.

I predict that within the next two-three years this open-source marketing campaign will be used as a case study for anybody looking at marketing within high technology.

Get Firefox!

From modest beginings, through to the release of Firefox 1.0, the double page ad in the New York Times, to over 70 million downloads – this is perhaps a never to be repeated phenomenon.

Firefox and ZENworks

There’s a nice post from Ben Goodger (lead Firefox developer) on enterprise deployment of the browser. Most of the comments are Windows specific – but it’s good stuff.

One of the things I’ll try and find time to do is take this great data and make it ZENworks relevent. If someone has more time feel free to post it to Cool Solutions!

I’ll also look at how this data can be used with ZENworks 7 Linux Management; deployment of the browser and then locking it down.

Firefox “Deer Park alpha 2”

Alpha 2 of Deer Park is available – announcement in the Mozilla dev forums.

Install is clean and easy on NLD – settings, preferences, saves passwords and cookies – everything brought over correctly.

Browsing is fast – this is very noticable; especially compared to Firefox 1.0.x.

Novell TTP

I will be speaking with the Novell TTP group next week on ZENworks and systems management.

“Novell TTP?” you ask.. Well – it’s not exactly secret, but you won’t find it listed on novell.com.

Here’s the official blurb:

The Novell Technology Transfer Partners (TTP) is an international group of colleges and universities that have made a substantial commitment to campus IT implementations using Novell technology. TTP was started in the early 1980’s with 14 universities whose goal was to share their networking experiences in order to leverage the knowledge of their diverse campus computing environments. The group has now grown to be a more comprehensive group of loyal Novell higher education customers that not only share information with each other, but with the software developers and business units at Novell. Perhaps no other group has more influence on software development at Novell than the TTP members.

Basically it’s my chance to listen to a few dozen senior admins and their ideas, comments, complaints, wishes .. and even praise.

Not a lot I can add about content – it’s all under Non Disclosure – but I will be talking about cross-platform systems management, ZENworks 7, our roadmap and some of the future trends.

WordPress Upgrade

A security update for WordPress – I got time to upgrade to this weekend.

So far, so good.

Next on the list is a firewall rebuild and refresh. Hopefully sometime this weekend.

Update – new firewall is now in place. Now using IPcop as a vastly more friendly front-end to the collection of stuff I had before.

ZLM 6.6.1 and Oracle

I posted a while ago on getting ZLM 6.6.1 to work with Oracle. Just some additional clarification in the docs.

Oracle database support is limited to the following configuration:

* An Oracle 9i database running on any platform supported by the Oracle database.
* A TCP listener running on your Oracle 9i database, which can be contacted by your client using onames or tnsnames.
* ZENworks Linux Management installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Advanced Server.
* The Oracle 9i client libraries installed on your ZENworks Linux Management server. The recommended Oracle client is Oracle 9i client, Release 2.

We recommend working with your Oracle database administrator for database installation, management, and other Oracle-related issues.

Oracle 10g support on SLES will be part of ZLM 7 SP1.

New car time

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been in Utah for almost three years. That means the three year lease on my current Land Rover is almost up.

Looking around – and I’m really taken with buying a classic London Taxi.

One of these: Taxi

Import regulations are nasty – only vehicles over 25 years old can be imported; otherwise lots of Federal regulations need to be complied with. Looks like a 25 year old import runs at just over $10,000 to get it to one of the ports – Houston or maybe Long Beach.

Diesel only, top speed of maybe 70 mph (no speeding!), no air conditioning, right hand drive only.