Todd fixes his Nano

ex-Noveller Todd Dailey blogs on making his iPod Nano perfect again. I guess there’s a disclaimer somewhere that Todd works for Apple – but it’s fun none the less to see blogosphere hysteria brought to earth with a polish of Brasso. [Update – Todd got a front page on Memeorandum!]

Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents

I’m surprised this hasn’t reached more people – a great PDF from Reporters Sans Frontiers There is a great essay included from Dan Gillmore – “What Ethics Should Bloggers Have?” – one of my pet topics; this really goes back to the trust and implied trust between bloggers and readers. Worth a read.

Web UI

The capabilities of browser based applications have exploded in recent years. (This is especially important for ZENworks – as we move the management console to the new ZENworks Control Center.) There is a breaking set of new ‘Web 2.0’ applications that use AJAX to deliver a really rich UI; Google Maps is probably the most […]

New music

I finally spent some time (and parted with the hard earned) and got some new music: Camera Obscura – Biggest Bluest Hifi Camera Obscura – Underachievers Please Try Harder I first heard this band on the John Peel 65th Birthday Party – it’s a lot like early Belle and Sebastian; mellow lyrics and guitar. Best […]

ZENworks 7 imaging

ZENworks OS imaging has always been based on the Linux kernel – it’s fast, efficient, has a great networking stack and is also extensible. None of the problems of DOS and getting NDIS drivers etc. Earlier versions of ZENworks – (ZfD 3.x, ZfD 4.0, ZENworks 6, ZENworks 6.5) – spawned a slew of sites dedicated […]

ZENworks 7 Linux Management – more

As mentioned I’m working on a best practices guide for ZLM7. I’m writing a discussion of the package universe concept; how it differs from previous versions of ZLM (ZLM 6.x and RCE) and some design recommendations. I also wrote a nifty script to populate the package universe 🙂 I’ll share that when I’ve tested it […]

BrainShare 2006

No sooner is BrainShare Barcelona over – then we start planning for BrainShare in Salt Lake City in March 2006! I don’t want to reveal anything on our plans – but for the ZENworks tracks it’s going to be very interesting. Watch this space!

ZLM7 ultimate how-to

I’ve been flooded with requests for a more detailed ZENworks 7 Linux Management document – something like what I wrote for ZLM 6.6.1 I’m on it now. I am installing to a fresh, new SLES 9 server – and hopefully I’ll get something out soon. Current fun – documenting the server-side dependancies. XFree86-libs? wtf? Turns […]

La Sagrada Familia

I managed to get some time out from BrainShare last week. I spent a few hours with John Mahon from Dublin at the Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia. More simply the cathedral of La Sagrada Familia. For anyone who has ever been to Barcelona – or even heard of Barcelona – it is one […]