Lost music – foreheads in a fishtank

I first heard Foreheads in a Fishtank in 2001 on John Peel. I got a tape of the albums from Andy. We saw them (the only people in the audience) at the Old Angel in Nottingham – they did requests… I lost the tapes a long time ago. I’ve been hunting down a CD of […]

Slow blogging week

It’s been slow blogging this last week or so – it is the end of the fiscal year at Novell – and that’s been taking up a lot of my time. There is fresh snow on the mountains – and it is freezing overnight in Utah – I’ll get some photos of the snow posted […]

Why disaster recovery is important

I lost a blog server. postmark.net were a free web-based email provider. Their homepage tells a sobering tale: Early last week, Postmark’s repositories of user mail and account information were lost to a serious hardware failure. The resulting damage left us unable to recover any useful data, and as such, Postmark.net is shutting down. In […]

Great design

This caught my eye – a local Salt Lake company 360 Electrical has a whole new take on the standard US power outlets: Now that’s useful.

Blog server outage – and being away

Typical isn’t it – you get on a plane and one of your serves dies. My blog server decided to complain about the lack of attention last Sunday evening – just as I was getting on a flight to London. Cycling the power really didn’t help – it needed fsck on the filesystem. Now I’m […]

Novell patching

I seem to have won the task of writing a short paper on ‘how to update and patch Novell systems in the enterprise’. I’m working on this in conjunction with my ZENworks 7 Linux Management white paper – which is still being written. (Sorry it’s late – I’m on the road again!) My summary so […]

Patch Tuesday

A busy one: Microsoft Patch Disclosure – October 2005 Nine Microsoft patches: three Critical, four Important, and two Moderate. Internet Explorer is the target of another Critical update. All nine of these updates are available via ZENworks Patch Management today.


I posted a few months ago about how Sudoku had hit the UK – the wave has now reached the US. United have a set of puzzles in their in-flight magazine; I see them in newspapers; they have been on CNN – everywhere. Bored on a flight I tried them – and they are certainly […]

Identity 2.0

Novell is an identity company. We present our vision and solutions to customers, potential customers, partners, integrators, press and analysts all the time. I’ve never seen an identity presentation made like this before. Here’s the original blog post.

ZENworks 7 Linux Management

Did you know you can use the imaging in ZLM7 to image Linux and Windows? Nice solution for a standalone imaging solution if you just want a nearly-smart(*) imaging story. It’s fast, furious and does what I need. (*) for true smartness use ZENworks 7 with the full policy enablement of imaging.