WordPress 2.0 is live

Time to test and upgrade all the blogs methinks. Looks like a lot of new features – for me (the admin) and for everyone who posts. Nice work chaps.

WordPress themes

I’m working on switching my WordPress installation to version 2.0 and updating my theme to something fresh for the New Year. I’ve found a cool resource for some nice looking themes – wpthemes.info.

Ski boots

Sigh – I’ve been looking for ski boots again – and nothing fits. I’ve tried rentals before – and I’ve always had a really painful few hours with cold, cramped, uncomfortable toes. I’ve tried buying – and nothing seems to work for me. If anyone knows of any good Utah based ski boot shops that […]

WordPress 2.0

WordPress 2.0 is close. Release Candidate 3 is now available. I’ve installed on a non-live server – and things work ok right now. Some testing needed on the plugins – but fingers crossed.

Google Zeitgeist

Looking at the Google Zeitgeist for 2005 and there is one really interesting piece: Whose News When news is reported instantaneously, and more people than ever expect to get their news online, which sources do people consult – and for which stories? We took a look at three major news organizations which have come to […]

Buying ITIL books in London

As I was in central London I made a special visit to The Stationery Office Bookshop near Holborn. TSO is a strange beast; formerly HMSO (Her Majestys Stationery Office), now the Office of Public Sector Information – it is the official publishing arm for the UK Government. Everything from Government papers, reports of debates in […]

On the train again

Today is Friday. I am back in the UK -and on the train again. This time heading north from London to Leeds on GNER. On the positive side – it’s a nice fast journey up to Leeds – no hassle of flights, getting to and from the airport and all of the checkin hassle. It’s […]

Cool hotspot

It’s Thursday – I’m in Frankfurt. I am using guest internet access at the Star Alliance offices here in Frankfurt. That’s good fun.

Oil fires.

Late posting this – but hopefully interesting. We landed at Heathrow on Sunday morning – and saw a massive black smoke cloud as we were landing. Only after we arrived did we realise that one of Europes largest fires was burning on our flight path. On Sunday afternoon we all went to the park – […]


Another day in Europe. Today Hamburg, Germany. Every time I have visited customers in Hamburg it has rained. Drizzle or heavy rain – it always seems to be raining in Hamburg. When I was last visiting customers a Novell account manager told me that was why people from Hamburg had an affinity for English people […]