Salt Lake City Jazz Festival

I’ll be away this weekend – and I’ll miss the Utah Arts Festival. That’s always good fun. I will be around for the Salt Lake City International Jazz Festival – Aoife really liked that last year. Best of all it’s free!


We started Geocaching about four years ago; stopped and started a few times when Aoife was really small – and now we’ve started up again. The weather is perfect in Utah right now for hunting for caches. For those that really don’t have any idea on this – from What is Geocaching? Geocaching is […]

Bike maintenance

I spent the evening getting the mountain bikes out of storage, servicing them, replacing two tyres, adjusting the gears and drivetrain – and finally testing them. Phew! Hot and dirty. There was so much old oil and dirt in the chain. I spent a lot of time cleaning that and getting everything running well. Hopefully […]

Firefox plugins

I’m using Bon Echo – currently the alpha 3 release of the next generation Firefox browser. I’m really impressed that even as an alpha it’s seemingly rock solid – and with some really nice enhancements. One thing I did miss was some of my plugins – mainly around web development. Most plugins are written to […]

Cool Blogs v 1.5 – an update

– We’ve had fun this past couple of days working on some of the enhancements to Cool Blogs. Written at: Draper, UT The first – and most visible enhancement – will be adding ratings to posts. We found a really good Ajax based plugin that does this nicely. Here is an example from our test […]

Vista update

– Another in a series on Vista. I blogged in April about the hardware baseline for Vista – I pointed out that the minimum specs were pretty steep: general knowledge worker – Pentium 4 class machine, 1GB RAM, 80GB HDD, 1Gbit ethernet, accelerated graphics capability ‘power workerÂ’ – Pentium 4 class machine; dual core and […]

Behind the scenes at Novell Open Audio

I blogged on Novell Cool Blogs about doing an interview at Novell Open Audio. The email invitation looked a little like this: From: openaudio openaudio To: openaudio openaudio; Martin Buckley; Michael Douglas Pearson; Ted Haeger Date: 14/Jun/06 Time: 14:00 – 15:00 Subject: ZENworks 7 SP1 Place: Podcast Studio, 8th floor behind the mens room Prep […]

ZENworks Success Stories

This was answered on a Novell Open Audio question: So one other thing I was asked – what about ZENworks Success Stories. Well – there is a Success Story database – and here is a huge list of public successes using ZENworks. You probably want to copy and paste that url into your favourites.