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Citysearch and badly written content filtering

I use Citysearch to look for new and interesting places to eat and go out.

It won’t let me enter my location ‘Draper’ – it complains about ‘Inappropriate Content’:

Here’s my location:


Here’s the complaint:


Looking at the content all I can assume is that ‘Draper’ contains ‘rape’ – and that’s bad.

I hope they don’t extend the service to people living in Cockermouth or Scunthorpe.

An Inconvenient Truth – follow up

So finally we got to see "An Inconvenient Truth" - and it was stunning. A really well produced - but not slick and markety - and thought provoking film. Al Gore did a great job of presenting the arguments - and did so in a very humbling, personal way. A "must see" for everyone. Actually - I'll make that stronger - if you live in the developed world - and especially within the US - you must see this movie. Go with an open mind.