Windows Live Writer

Microsoft are renowed for getting ‘usability’ right with their products. Windows Live Writer is no exception. Three things I like: 1. Installation is easy. Download, install – then point at this blog url – and it detected I was running WordPress without any problems. No fiddling with the correct url for the XML-RPC side of […]

Miguel on Mono

– I don’t usually link to Microsoft – this time is an exception. There is a fascinating interview on Microsoft Technet Port 25. Here’s the link ––Sam-interviews-Miguel-de-Icaza.aspx

Firewall woes

Flaky hard drive in my firewall server. Time to replace it methinks. It keeps crashing out with bad surface – and bringing down the firewall and squid box. Trouble for me if there is no web browsing or email!

Late projects

I was reminded of this via 37signals. “How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time.” Fred Brooks, software engineer and computer scientist


Good success with Audible recently. I’m currently listening to “Seizing the Enigma” by David Kahn; I just finished “Defying Hitler” by Sebastien Haftner and also “Dare to Be a Daniel” by Tony Benn. I’m really into historical non-fiction; I also really prefer the unabridged 10 hours of listening to the shorter abridged versions.


So I’m in San Francisco at the WordPress Community geek-fest that is WordCamp. It’s kinda interesting – the usual [x]camp format; the usual 80/20 mix of hackers and non-hackers; the lack of power outlets… There are a lot of people here who are using WordPress and want more – there is certainly a wave of […]

Running WordPress on openSUSE

As promised here is the ‘HOW-TO’ for running WordPress on openSUSE. This is a simple three step process: – install and configure openSUSE – configure apache and mysql – install WordPress