ZENworks Next Generation .. a teaser

I’ve written a little about the Next Generation of ZENworks – it’s time to write some blog posts about what we are planning during 2007. I planned the structure of this series while visiting customers in Europe; during that tour I was describing our roadmap, strategy and vision – all under Non-Disclosure. My challenge is […]

Vista design guidelines

Another good post from the development team for Vista – Vista User Experience Guidelines. The summary are the ‘Vista User Experience – Top Rules‘ I think it’s important that Microsoft are flagging the ‘visual treat’ that will be Vista. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 has great visuals – it’s good that this is being flagged […]


A colleague from Novell moved to Collanos – I looked at their products – and it’s interesting. The Collanos Workplace seems to fill several of my needs for working with my team: – document sharing and management– team task lists– discussions– cross platform Most importantly – the model is peer-to-peer. That means that none of […]