25 years

It was the Christmas of 1981 that I received my first computer; a Sinclair ZX81. It’s been over 25 years since I started using Wordstar and dBase on CP/M running on TeleVideo TS802 and later TS803 machines. Since then it’s been a downward spiral; through multiple BBC/Acorn machines; then 8086, 80286, 80386sx, 486, Pentium and […]

MSI packages

I’ve been working with the next version of ZENworks all week; and for several reasons I needed to clear up my MSI database on several Windows machines. Here’s a cool tool from Microsoft that makes it easy. The Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.

WordPress 2.0.6 RC2

Update time again – this time for another security issue. Here’s the mail from wp-testers: http://wordpress.org/beta/wordpress-2.0.6-RC2.zip http://wordpress.org/beta/wordpress-2.0.6-RC2.tar.gz RC2 addresses the following vulnerability. http://seclists.org/fulldisclosure/2006/Dec/0463.html We also changed how we escape HTML attributes. Escaping is done with a new attribute_escape() function. http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/4656 This touched a lot of files so we need to do some broad testing to […]

Of mail servers

I wrote about moving my primary mail server to SLES 10 and Netmail 3.5.2 a month ago. Everything has been working really well – great uptime, better performance, another box moved to SLES 10.. Except for one little thing. Grania has been commenting that some of her email is missing. Well – it’s not been […]

Vista – one month on

A month ago I got my hands on the RTM DVD of Windows Vista and took the plunge. I installed Vista Ultimate on my production IBM Thinkpad T42p; 80GB HDD, 2GB RAM. I installed Vista into my Active Directory environment Currently here is what I’ve got running, as well as a list of applications that […]

Belle and Sebastian

  Back in full form with ‘The Life Pursuit’. First chance I’ve had to listen to it (baby and all that). “Another Sunny Day” is especially good.

Building a SLES 10 NAS box

Fun fun fun – server consolidation time. Dell P4, 2GB RAM, 1TB storage (4x 300GB SATA RAID 5) Install SLES 10, no GUI, runlevel 3 only. Disable pretty much everything not needed. I chose ext3 for /, xfs for my NAS filesystem; I’ve had good results using xfs – reliability and performance. Next optimisation of the […]

Ahead Nero 7

I’ve been using Nero for about seven years to burn CDs and more recently DVDs. I upgraded online to Nero 7 on Sunday; I paid by PayPal. I expected a serial number ‘within 24 hours’ – sadly disappointed. I emailed the support line – nothing. The US support – nothing. I’ve watched the spam filters […]