Getting old?

.. or blame the jetlag?

I left my (actually Grania’s) camera in the restuarant last night.

Anywhere else and there would be zero sight of it again; lifted and sold on eBay.

In Singapore a totally different experience; one phonecall last night – “Yes – we have your camera”; I walked in this evening and the camera was waiting for me.

The local team told me that this was the ‘norm’ and Singaporeans are very honest. Well – it saved me getting in trouble when I got home!

Trans-pacific internet connectivity

I’m in delightful Singapore this week; with good, fast local internet access.

The trouble is that all of the content I need is in the US.

Ping Plotter

The graph from Ping Plotter tells it all. Locally little latency. The trans-pacific hop adds 200ms to each packet.

The bandwidth itself isn’t bad; just the latency.