Honey-dos for Grandpa

My usual list of housekeeping: install OpenOffice 2.2 fix the map updates for the Nuvi sat-nav change the SSID and secure the wireless on the BT Homehub fix the laptop and wireless card provide recommendations for wireless and wired access for the work on the house All in a days work.

Demos. When everything goes wrong..

I’ve been demoing ZENworks Configuration Management to partners across Europe for two weeks with no problems at all. Mainly running a live demo from my set of servers at home. It’s risky – I might have a power outage, WAN outage, local issues – but so far so good. I’ve also got a fully virtualised […]

Urg – Tripod

One of Grania’s activities uses Tripod for hosting. Grania is now looking after the online stuff. It’s crap. The previous incumbent had painstakingly written about 10 pages using FrontPage; everything was static. Editing requires patience. Mass changes are impossible. I knocked up a replacement in WordPress in about 5 minutes.

Nice architectural touches

Around and about England in the last few weeks: Recycling bins in Stoke Newington Decoration on a fence, Stoke Newington Seen on a wall on Park St in Bristol