Novell Global Sales Conference – Orlando

Woo. Off to sunny Orlando in a few weeks for the annual sales conference. I missed last year; I was on paternity leave. I’m running three days of ‘Endpoint management training’ for the global pre-sales and technical teams. I’m juggling the agenda right now – should include: – Advanced ZCM scenarios; scale, deployment, labs etc– […]

Pre-exam prep

Superstition? Maybe. I always listen to “Dreams Never End” by New Order before every exam I’ve taken. Ever since mock GCSEs in 1987.

ITIL Managers Certificate

Back in London to sit the two, three hour papers for the Managers Certificate. Fingers crossed; first one Wednesday afternoon, second on Thursday morning.

ZENworks Configuration Management – System Updates

As I wrote in a previous post – one of the most important new features of ZENworks 10 Configuration Management is the System Updates feature. This allows administrators to automatically download, approve and deploy ZENworks patches and updates across their servers and workstations. Written at: Winchester, England

Securing a WordPress blog

 I’ve been hosting a family blog and photo site for a good friend for over a year. They decided recently to ‘lock down’ the site and restrict access to both the blog and the photos to family and friends only. I spent some of yesterday doing this. I’ve extensively use WPG2 to integrate WordPress and […]

post-levels update for WordPress 2.3

I made an update for the post-levels plugin so it works with WordPress 2.3 The plugin was throwing sql errors. WordPress database error: [Column ‘post_id’ in field list is ambiguous]SELECT post_id, meta_value FROM wp_postmeta, (wp_posts LEFT JOIN wp_postmeta as pl_wp_postmeta ON (wp_posts.ID = pl_wp_postmeta.post_id)) WHERE post_id = ID AND meta_key = ‘links_to’ AND (post_status = […]


The magic of blogging 😉 I posted to Cool Blogs instead of my own.

Soundtrack to painting

Following on from the box of tapes.. I rediscovered: Sleeper – The it girl. July 1996 Lemonheads – Come on Feel the Lemonheads. Oct 1993 Chumbawamba – Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records. 1986 (!) Chumbawamba – Anarchy. Jan 1994