ThinkPad thermal shutdown

One of my laptops kept shutting down during use; after a lot of testing it turned out to be temperature related. I downloaded and installed a cool utility – Notebook Hardware Control – and tweaked the ACPI settings for my machine. The CPU was running at over 95°C and the laptop was performing a safety […]

openSUSE 11.1

I’m downloading the two DVDs via uTorrrent right now. Looks like I’m one of the fastest seeds sharing this on the West coast – lots of outbound connections from here – 800k/s out. I’m going to throttle that back before it takes down my VOIP.

BrainShare 2009

Looks like BrainShare 2009 has been cancelled.   Dear Novell Customers and Partners, This note is to inform you that Novell will not be holding its annual BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City, Utah that was scheduled for March 2009. … Over the coming months, we will continue to focus on building the high-quality training […]

CAB: vsftpd update to 2.0.7

Change: – update vsftpd to 2.0.7 Rollback: – revert to vsftpd version 2.0.5 Notes: – download from – check external access ACLs – check certs and internal access

CAB: WordPress upgrades

Change: – upgrade WordPress to WordPress 2.7 release – upgrade getthericketts to WordPress 2.7 and latest Gallery2   Rollback: – previous version of WordPress and database restore Risks: – plugin issues   Known issues: – pluggable.php issue with runphp plugin – note from 2.5.1 –   To do: – raise trac bug for 2.7 […]

Arg! Technet vs. MSDN

I keep forgetting that my subscription switched from Microsoft TechNet to MSDN when I changed companies. I habitually go to TechNet and then see that I’ve no permissions to download ISOs and get licenses; then I slap my forehead and log in to MSDN.

ITIL Expert

My ITIL Expert certificate and lapel badge have arrived for me in Brisbane. Will I get them by Christmas?

LEGO club – 4 Dec 2008

I spent a lot of time over the Thanksgiving week sorting and rebuilding the LEGO Mindstorms kits. Here and here. Today all of the groups at LEGO club had a working robot; complete with two motors and the light sensor. The challenge today was to make the robot roll forward in the ‘Shark Tank’ (the […]