Behind the scenes at Novell Open Audio

I blogged on Novell Cool Blogs about doing an interview at Novell Open Audio.

The email invitation looked a little like this:

From: openaudio openaudio
To: openaudio openaudio;  Martin Buckley;  Michael Douglas Pearson;  Ted Haeger
Date: 14/Jun/06
Time: 14:00 - 15:00
Subject: ZENworks 7 SP1
Place: Podcast Studio, 8th floor behind the mens room

Prep and Interview

The Novell Open Audio Crew

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Novell Open Audio – ZENworks 7 SP1 .. and a few other things

Novell Open Audio

I’ll be interviewed by Ted Haeger and Erin Quill tomorrow for Novell Open Audio.

I opened the question list up on Cool Blogs last week – and I’ve got about half a dozen things to cover specifically from the readers of Cool Blogs.

One other request that came in directly to my inbox – – is to ‘go behind the scenes’ at Open Audio. I’ll certainly have my camera and I’ll get some pictures and stories uploaded tomorrow evening. I’ll also have some really crunchy Doritos to pass around..

Written at: Draper, UT

ZENworks on Novell Open Audio

Novell Open Audio

Next week I will be recording a slot for Novell Open Audio on ZENworks 7 Support Pack 1. That’s due for release in the very near future – and I’ll be talking about some of the new platforms we will support and a new feature that we’ll be rolling into the release.

I’ll also take the chance to answer any questions that you post on this blog – so here’s your chance.

Post your ZENworks related questions here – and I’ll select the best ones to answer on Open Audio next week. If you leave your name I’ll even give you a mention.

Looking forward to those questions. Remember – anything goes )

Written at: Draper, UT

BrainShare 2006 wrap up – and Novell Open Audio at BrainShare


It is the weekend after BrainShare – so I guess it’s going to be pretty slow for most of the Novell Cool Bloggers for a couple of days.

Personally – I had a great time this last week; running with some really entertaining and informative keynotes (Wednesday and Thursday), breakout sessions – as well as analyst and press events.

The highlight as always was meeting with customers and partners – you really are knowlegable, loyal – and remarkably well informed )

One final piece of BrainShare that I need to plug are the ‘from the show floor’ podcasts from Ted Haeger and Novell Open Audio. Take a look here at the list of current short podcasts – Ted and the team seemed to have got behind the scenes and talked to everyone at BrainShare.

Written at: Draper, UT

ZENworks Open Audio Podcast

Open Audio
I recorded a series of podcasts for Novell Open Audio – the first part of this is now live!

This time round I give some background on ZENworks 7 Linux Management. Still to come – Asset Management, Patching and BrainShare 2006.


Written at: Edinburgh, Scotland