Novell blogs on the move

I decided to move my Corporate Blogs from Novell Cool Blogs to Novell Cool Solutions. I announced this in October; this month I started the move. Why move? Mainly the volume of postings and the amount of traffic at Cool Blogs compared with Cool Solutions. Cool Blogs started as the first open, unfiltered blog from […]

ZCM agent debugging

More how-to guides. This one is turning on ZCM agent-side debugging. First set the zmd logging to be at debug level; there are two ‘true’ settings in the conf file: %ZENWORKS_HOME%conflogger-zmd-conf.xml <configuration><log4net>    <!–Appender to log event to console–>    <appender name=”ConsoleAppender” type=”log4net.Appender.ConsoleAppender”>    <param name=”Threshold” value=”DEBUG” />     <layout type=”Novell.Zenworks.Logger.SimpleLayout, Novell.Zenworks.Logger”></layout>    </appender>     <!–This section is used […]

Dilbert and real life

Scott Adams wrote: Yesterday I was creating a Dilbert comic that will run in August. In the first panel, Dogbert needed to describe his job as VP of marketing. How do you do that in the fewest words? Here was my solution. Feel free to leave your own comments..

Want to be a ZENworks Product Manager?

We’re growing! There are a few open opportunities within the ZENworks Business Unit for Product Managers. Ideally we are looking for people who can ‘hit the ground running’. If you need any additional information – or if you want to apply – get in touch via the Novell email address. [Edit – the role would […]

On engineering, PM and compromise

Someone will get upset at this… Ah well. Here’s my collection of stuff for an email I’m writing later. Just examples of ‘crap and bloated’. First – one of my favourite examples from last year; Moishe Lettvin on the Vista Shutdown button: The whole blog post was mentioned on Joel on Software (a great read; even for […]

Forcing zman to English

ZENworks Configuration Management is currently in beta – one of the new pieces of the product is the ability to control and configure the client and the server environment wholly from the command line. By default the command line tool – zman – picks up the server locale. In some cases it is useful to […]

ZENworks Training

I’m in Provo sitting in on the first round of formal training for the two new products ZENworks Orchestration Server and ZENworks Configuration Management. The training looks fantastic; right now each track has 2.5 days of deep dive hands on labs.